Hi, I’m Brooke…


For as long as I can remember, I've always had the bug to travel.  I've also had a great knack for finding deals and researching the details beyond normality!

My poor husband can attest to this as he has been tortured with my texts, emails and phone calls that all begin with “So I found this great deal…”  And if we couldn’t take advantage of this great deal I found, it would be my mission to find someone that could.

As a child, my favorite movies and books were all about adventure in a far off land.  I was always fascinated by different cultures and the thought of discovering some new found treasure just like “Indiana Jones”.

Combine my sense of adventure and type “A” personality and you have got “Look it’s Brooke”

My passion is travel and experiencing new places and cultures.  I've logged many hours on planes, trains, boats and rental cars.  And I've spent even more hours researching how to be perfectly prepped for each adventure.  Follow along with me as I share these experiences and tips with you!