Best tour to take in Bangkok!

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I have been to several countries and been on several tours and some have been great while others have been quite boring. I might have adult on-set ADD so I get a little restless ;).

In Bangkok, we went on the best tour I have ever been on! It is offered by Expique and the tour we went on is called The Bangkok Night Lights Tour. I’m sure all their guides are great but our guide was fantastic. His name was Pat. He was well traveled and spoke English very well. He had such a great and endearing way of exposing us to the culture of Bangkok.


To begin the tour, we met at a train station which was easy to get to and then we took tuk tuks for the rest of the night. It is the best way to travel in Bangkok!!! Each tuk tuk in the city is completely unique to it’s driver and such a fun experience to zoom through the city. Our driver was such a cute guy.


Pat took us to many of the common tourist sites that you may see during the day but they looked completely different at night. Everything is lit up in a spectacular way and there are no crowds at night. Another added bonus is that it is not nearly as hot. Between visiting temples, Pat took us to local food vendors where he ordered Thai favorites for us that I had never heard of or seen before. And every single thing was delicious!!!


He also took us to dinner in one of the hottest spots in Thailand that claims to have the best Pad Thai in the whole city. It’s called Thipsamai. The line for this place was out the door but we had a reservation so he took us right in. The Pad Thai was delicious!!! It comes wrapped up in a little egg package and then you break it open and mix it around. We also ordered their famous fresh orange juice. It was also to die for.


We continued to visit more sites throughout the night on our way to the flower market. There, we were able to see the workings of the flower market at night. It was just as busy as it is during the day. People work there all night preparing these flower arrangements for the next day.

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Many people come early in the morning to purchase new arrangements for their spirit houses or other places of worship, which are all over. Most businesses and homes have their own spirit houses out front. They are miniature houses where spirits can come take residence. Buddhism is the main religion here and there are many places of worship every where you look. I love how respectful they are to those who have past on and to different Buddhas around the city.


We had the opportunity to try my favorite dessert in the flower market, Mango Sticky Rice. Sooo good! And we got to learn the art of lotus flower folding. Very cool. I think I could still use some more practice though! We, then, got to pay respect in prayer with our lotus flowers to a shrine just outside the market. It was a very cool and a true spiritual experience.


After being out till almost Midnight, our driver took us home. It was the perfect night and I fell more in love with Bangkok and the Thai people than I even thought was possible!


To book, go online to and find the tour that works best for you. I totally recommend the Night Lights tour. Try not to book it on your first night if you can help it, jet lag is a killer! All entrance fees and food is included in the price. This is not a sponsored post, I truly loved this tour! Book it!


XOXO, Brooke