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I think it’s pretty obvious that I love to travel! I love seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I think there are a lot of you that share those same loves. But there are also a lot of you that find booking travel to be so incredibly stressful. And I get it! Sometimes you just want to be sure you book the perfect trip to the perfect place in the perfect way for the perfect price! Just writing that made me overwhelmed!

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Well, Look it’s Brooke is here to rescue you from all the overwhelm! I want to help you book that next trip and make it stress-free. I have years and years of experience booking trips for us, our families and our friends. I love being able to help people out and get them exactly where they want to be. That is why I am launching a new service!

Look It's Brooke

This service is called “Let’s Book It”. I will do all that searching for you! I will find all the flights and hotels that you need to make your trip as amazing as you want it to be! I just love helping you guys and hearing about the adventures that I helped you book. This service will allow me to be able to dedicate time to you individually and get that trip booked.

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Pricing: $200

Here are the instructions:

1) Email me at hello@lookitsbrookeblog.com and let me know that you want to purchase the “Let’s Book It” service.

2) Provide specific details about your trip including when you want to book, who is traveling, preferred flight times and hotel locations, etc…

3) Venmo me (I will provide info in your response email)

4) Within 7-10 days (or sooner if rushed), I will provide all the instructions you need to book your trip via email. be ready to book as soon as I send it, because travel prices can fluctuate like crazy!

5) I will be there for support!

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I am so excited to help as many of you as I can! Together we can share our love of travel and see the world!