Food Guide for New York City

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If you love to eat, New York City is your place! There is every possible food you can dream up here. Every single craving fulfilled! It just isn’t possible for me to share every single amazing place to eat in NYC but I am sharing a few of my favorites that never disappoint. If you are looking for more, always check Yelp and Tripadvisor. They have great recommendations based on your location!



bubbys menu

Bubby’s will always be my favorite for brunch. It is on the pricey end but I dream about their bacon and specialty pancakes on a daily basis. They are famous for their fluffy pancakes and so much more! You really can’t go wrong with anything you order. They take reservations during the week but not the weekend. My tip is to grab a reservation during the week so you don’t have to wait in line which can get quite long.

Bubbys coffee
Bubby’s Breakfast

Bubby’s Breakfast

The Smith

This is such a cute little restaurant in midtown. They are known for their breakfast and brunch but serve lunch and dinner too. Big hits are their Vanilla Bean French toast and Eggs Benedict.

La Parisienne

This little restaurant is darling and a true French kitchen. My advice is to order the avocado toast or French toast.


Grab a bagel and smear for a breakfast on the go! It seems like there is a bagel place on every corner and most places are pretty similar. Some suggestions are Russ & Daughters, Brooklyn Bagel and Libery Bagels.

These beauties are found at  Liberty Bagel .

These beauties are found at Liberty Bagel.


Let’s just preface this section by saying that I try to eat a nice breakfast and and a nice dinner early to beat the crowds. For lunch, it’s easiest to grab something quick and easy between these two bigger and more expensive meals.

Hot dog carts

New York Hot Dog

I hope you are not pulling a face at me right now but I love a nice little combo meal off the street cart. You can get a hot dog and a soda for $3 or less.

New York Hot Dog Cart


A New York slice has to be the most satisfying food on the planet in my book. It is bigger than your head and is typically $3 or less. You may have to soak up the extra grease with a napkin and then fold it in half to keep the mess to a minimum. If you just want classic cheese which is my favorite, just ask for a slice! Take my word for it and look for any pizzeria with the name “Ray”(ie. - “Famous Rays”, “Original Rays”, “Famous Original Rays”) in the title. It is sure to be delicious!


You can’t leave New York without biting into a huge sandwich, preferable pastrami! Try out Katz Deli for thick slices of meat. Try corned beef and pastrami at the iconic 2nd Ave. Deli. And you can never go wrong with a visit to the famous Hello Deli!


Black Tap

I had seen pictures of this place for years and just knew I needed to eat here! They are best known for their incredible milk shakes but what is even better are their burgers and fries. You can also eat here for lunch. They don’t take reservations so chances are that you will have to stand in line. Typically, the earlier you go, the shorter the line.

Black Tap Menu
Shakes at Black Tap

Shakes at Black Tap

Merchants River House

This may be my new favorite! Trust me and order the quad cone macaroni and cheese. These are made into 4 varieties of Mac n cheese that are all heavenly. And who knew how good they would taste in a waffle cone! They have several other great things on the menu too, so you can order this as an appetizer. Merchants has a great view of the Hudson River so the best time to go is before the sun sets!

Merchants river house
Merchants River House

Merchants River House

Thai Villa

If you love Thai, head to Thai Villa! It is delicious and the atmosphere is awesome. It is a small restaurant so try to get reservations well in advance.

Trattoria Tre Colori

Good, rich Italian food is a must in New York. Trattoria Tre Colori has been around for a long time and never disappoints. You can’t go wrong with anything on their pasta menu.


Serendipity 3

This restaurant isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be but it is still just as good. They were made famous with their frozen hot chocolate for a reason. It is delicious! It is so big that you can share it. I always order my own though!

Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot Chocolate

Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot Chocolate

Serendipity 3

Doughnut Plant

I am a sucker for donuts, especially good ones! I dare you to find a doughnut better than Doughnut plant! So many varieties and they are all delicious!


Cupcakes used to be all the rage and that fad has died down a bit but my love for them hasn’t! There are few truly amazing cupcakes shops that I recommend. The first is Molly’s Cupcakes. They are best known for creme filled centers and you can make your own custom cupcake too!

The second is the legendary Sprinkles. I can never resist a chocolate banana Sprinkles cupcake. They have so many creative varieties and they are all delicious.

Two Little Red Hens is quickly growing as a dessert hot spot. Their cupcakes are unreal! And they also bake other desserts if cupcakes aren’t your thing.


Do yourself a favor and get in line for a cookie at Levain! They are huge and so so delicious. My sister used to be a baker there, so we have been more than our fair share! The crowd favorite is the chocolate chip. My favorite is dark chocolate Peanut butter chip. It is even better the next day. Just stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy! if the line is too long at their original location, try their newer upper-westside location.

Magnolia bakery

Magnolia Bread Pudding

Two words… BANANA PUDDING. It is so dang good! It comes in a cute to go container and can be shared. Pure heaven! Magnolia was originally made famous for their cupcakes but all their Banana Pudding is their new hot ticket item.

Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s is better known as the Cake Boss restaurant. My daughter was dying to go here because she loves the Cake Boss show. It was delicious. Everyone got their own slice of cake. You can pick a slice from several different varieties.

Cake Boss Bakery

Milk Bar

There is something for everyone at the Momofuku Milk Bar. They are famous for their cereal milk flavor and crack pie. You can’t go wrong with anything here!

I hope this a good start to your food adventures in New York City! What are your favorite places to eat in the city? I would love to know! Please share in the comments!


XOXO, Brooke