The Best Apps for your trip to New York City

New York City App Guide

Technology is a beautiful thing! I know I would have had a really hard time surviving without my phone. I use it daily for weather, traffic and directions! And, thankfully, our phones can do even more than that. There are so many great apps out there for travel. Here are some great ones you may not know about that come in handy when visiting New York City!

1) My MTA

This a great app to have when using the subway system to get around. You can plan your route and even estimate how long it will take.

2) NYC Subway

This is another subway map and route planner. I really love and use this one too.

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3) Uber

This one may be obvious, but this is such a great car service app. It’s extremely easy to use and so convienent. Simply enter your destination and pick the type of service you would like. Your price and arrival time will pop up before you order your car.

4) Lyft

Lyft is great too. It is almost the exact same as Uber and just as easy to use. I like to have both apps on my phone to compare pricing.

5) Taxi Finder

This app is super helpful when you are grabbing a cab but want to estimate what the fare will be before you get in. It’s the cab company’s answer to the ride share companies.

6) Ride guru

This app is my new favorite. This actually compares all the car service companies for you so that you can see what the lowest price is for your route. It is not perfectly accurate but pretty close!

7) Urban Walks

Do you love walking tours? Me too! Especially when I get to do it at my own pace. This app is awesome because it gives you lots of options of walks you can do and sites you can see on your route.


8) Yelp

This is a great app to use for any trip! It will show you the top rated restaurants (and other activities too) closest to your location. This makes it so easy to find a good restaurant when you aren’t familiar with an area.

9) TripAdvisor

This app is more than just hotel reviews. It is great when looking for top restaurants and attractions near your location. I use it all the time.

10) OpenTable

I love Open Table because so many restaurants use it for making reservations. You can simply look up your restaurant and see their availability before you choose your reservation. Select how many in party and a time. So easy!

11) Sightseeing Pass and New York Pass

These are both great options if you want to see a lot of tourist attractions. You can purchase these passes and use these apps to gain access to several attractions. There is also a lot of helpful information on these too.

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12) Gametime

I love this app. It is great for purchasing sporting event tickets at the last minute. You can grab tickets the same day of the event. And the prices are generally heavily discounted!

13) TodayTix

This app is awesome for buying broadway tickets. It is so easy to use. Pick the show you want, the date (even same day) and it will show the price. Prices are all discounted!

14) TKTS

I’m sure you have heard about the famous booths to purchase discount broadway tickets. This is the app for those booths! It will tell you which tickets are available and how big the discount is.

15) Broadway Lottery and Hamilton

The Broadway Lottery app is so easy to use. It will tell you which broadway shows are having a lottery and you can enter each lottery of your choice in one place! The Hamilton app has it’s own lottery entry for it’s show. Make sure you enter these in advance, usually the day before.

16) Citizen

This app is sooo good. It is not only informational, it is entertaining! It will tell you the crime going on around you. Alerts can range from a woman being chased by a chicken to a bomb threat. In a city so big, it’s nice to know exactly what is going on!

What are your favorite Apps? I would love to know!


XOXO, Brooke