How to Pack a Long Flight Survival Kit

flight survival.png

Flying is not always easy especially when you are stuck on a red-eye or international flight. Through lots of trial and error, I have come up with the perfect flight essentials. I call this my “Long Flight Survival Kit”. Below is a checklist of items that have made my travel infinitely better, I hope it helps you too!

1). A good back pack - I have a few favorites! The most important things to look for is size to accommodate everything and enough pockets to keep you organized. I love my Pink by Victoria Secret backpack. They don’t sell mine any more but they have others that are similar. I also love my Anello backpack. It is a great shape. I use my Fjallraven backpack alot too!

2). A travel blanket - Many airlines no longer provide blankets and I like having my own since I know exactly where it’s been. Look for one that is a size that covers you but also call roll up easy and compact. I take this one everywhere I go. This is another great one that I have heard people swear by.

3) A neck pillow is Key!- I have tried out so many and this one is the most comfortable for me. I am a side sleeper and this one seemed to make me nice and comfy without any neck cramps. They came up with a newer version that is supposed to be cooler and more comfortable. I haven’t tried it out yet!

4) A Portable Battery - I have learned that you never leave home without this!!! Seriously! When you are traveling, it can be taxing on your battery because your electronic device use may be higher than normal. I use this charger and it is super awesome. It can charge my phone up to 4 times! When shopping for a battery just make sure that it is 10,000-16,00mAh.

travel kit

5). A good pair of Headphones - I love my Beats by Dre. They block out all the other noise and compact really nicely into their case. Look for headphones that are noise canceling, have a cord compatible for airplane outlets and can also be wireless when connecting to your own devices.

6). Disposable toothbrushes - I love these Wisps by Colgate. I always take a pack of them so that I can brush my teeth as many times as I want during a flight. You don’t have to use any water with them and they work great!

7). Pouches - I love organization, especially when I travel. I bring lots of pouches to keep me organized. I have one for lipsticks. One for cords, adapters and headphone splitter. One for misc. beauty stuff like oil blotting papers, a refreshing eye roller ball to help make me look awake, a mini brush to tame my pillow hair and a good chapstick for that dry airplane air. You can find lots of great pouches at Target, Walmart or Amazon.

travel pouches

8). Medicine Bag - This is the most important pouch that I bring. It is like my emergency kit. It contains all kinds of medicine and remedies. I never leave home without it! Check out this post to see everything I bring!

9). Love to Breathe Tokens - My good friend, Somer Love of Love to Breathe, created these tokens in an effort to spread goodness and love around the world. I take pictures of them and deposit them all over the world. Somer was born with Cystic Fibrosis. She has made it her mission to take her lemons and make some really delicious lemonade. She is so giving with her time and takes every chance she can to uplift others. We have been friends for over 20 years and she is such an inspiration to me. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one that feels that way about her!

love to breathe Barcelona

10). A water bottle - Keeping hydrated on a flight is super important. I feel like a cup of water every few hours is not enough! I always bring my own water bottle and have my flight attendant refill it as many times as I can without being annoying. I love my swell bottle because of it’s medium size and sometimes I will even bring my big Hydro Flask with me too.

I hope this helps you and I would love to hear what you can’t live without on a long flight!


xoxo, Brooke