First Aid Travel Kit

travel emergency kit.png

Being prepared has become a way of travel for me. I know that may sound weird and not spontaneous at all. I know first hand what it’s like to be half away around the world and not have the remedy you need and have nowhere to buy it! This is exactly why I always carry-on my little “first aid” kit that I have made for almost every medical situation! From headaches to food poisoning to blisters, I’ve got you covered!

Here is a little list of all my tried and true remedies that I pack in my kit:

1). Ibuprofen - Never leave home without it! I usually pack the generic kind from my local Walgreens. You can also order a big bottle from amazon. I store it in little baggies from the craft store.

2). GasX - Eating food you are not used to can lead to some stomach discomfort, these can help! You can find it at any pharmacy or grocery store. Or you can order from Amazon.

3) Activated Charcoal - Sometimes, your discomfort can actually turn out to be food poisoning which is awful! The only time I have ever felt like I may indeed die, is when I had food poisoning in China. Take 2 activated charcoal pills with a Coke (trust me) and your symptoms will start to disappear. Coke has saved me more than once. This tip was given to me from a person that lived in Asia for a number of years. It works every time I (or anyone else) have had a stomach issue. You can grab activated charcoal here and a coke at any vending machine.

4). DayQuil - I always bring this with me just in case I end up with a cold that I just can’t kick. I am not a fan of NyQuil because I actually feel like it makes my sleep worse. I take DayQuil at night too if needed. You can grab it here.

5). Mucinex D Maximum Strength - This is the good stuff. You never want to hop on a plane stuffed up. Grab this stuff from your pharmacist. You have to ask for it, show your ID and sign for it. That’s how awesome it is. Warning, take it in the morning if possible. It does not help you sleep at all.

6) Sleep Aids - I have a few that I like to bring to help me adjust to the new time zone and help with hard, uncomfortable beds. The first is Advil PM. It is great for tired achy bodies but it can leave me a little groggy in the morning. The second is good, old fashioned Melatonin. I like the gummy kind, this one tastes the best, and I can only take a small dose. My only issue with it, is that I don’t always stay asleep and it also makes me groggy in the morning. The last one that I bring that I have loved the most is Alteril. It is fairly new to me and I like that it is natural and doesn’t make me groggy. It’s really good!

7). Colon Cleanse - My body just loves to shut down it’s “system” when I am not home. Sometimes, I just need a little push. This stuff usually does the trick for me. I take 1-2 at night and wake up ready “to go” in the morning. There are a lot of brands, I feel like they are all really close to the same. Here is one I have ordered before.

8). Sea Bands - These really help with any motion sickness that may pop-up. Sometimes, I wear them on the plane. Crazy car rides or boat rides can leave me pretty sick too. I slap these on and I am usually fine. One of my sisters gets super motion sick and she swears by Bonine. So if you need something a little more heavy duty, try these tablets out!

9). Benadryl - I think someone has almost always developed a rash or allergic reaction on every trip we’ve been on. These chewables come in handy and are easy to pack. I also really like the cream if you have room for it.

10) Band-Aid Stick - I just about never leave home without one of these! It is perfect for trips where you will be doing a lot of walking. I also rub it all over my feet before a race and have never, ever, ended up with a blister once. Just glide it over any part of of your foot that is being rubbed and you are worried it may turn into a blister. This stuff prevents all the pain! The Band-Aid stick is getting harder and harder to find. Here is another option if you aren’t able to find it in stock.

11). Blister Covers - These ones from Dr. Scholl’s are the very best. They are transparent, stick really well and completely help cushion the area where your your blister is developing or has developed already.

I hope this helps and is a great start to your own traveling “First-aid Kit”!


XOXO, Brooke