What to Wear in Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok, Thailand Style Guide!

Bangkok is a cool city that is so fun to explore. The temperature is hot and the air is humid pretty much all year around. With the hot temps and a social norm of modesty there, it can be hard to know exactly what to wear.

Packing tips:

1) Bring clothes that are light and airy. Linen and any other breathable fabric is ideal! Try to stay away from polyester.

2) Make sure that you have items that at least reach your knee. You can not enter any temples or sacred areas if your shorts or skirts are too high. I learned this one the hard way. It depends how strict the guard is but in most cases, your hem must reach your knee. You do have the option of bringing a sarong or big scarf to tie around your waist.

3) Make sure that your shoulders are covered… for the same reasons as above. And again, you do have the option of bringing a scarf or kimono to cover your shoulders. You can pack one in your bag just in case.

4) Pack 2 pair of comfortable, breathable shoes. I would highly recommend sandals that are somewhat supportive because it is just too hot to wear tennis shoes. And having a back-up pair is great so that if your feet get tired of one pair, you can just switch to the other.

5) Check out my post on packing for Thailand in general to see all my must-haves. The most important of which is mosquito repellant!!


Dresses are perfect for the climate in Bangkok. Make sure to pack light and airy material!

Jumpsuits and Pants

Airy pants and jumpsuits are perfect for Bangkok. You can stay modest for religious venues and modest for getting in and out of tuk tuks.


Comfort and Cool are key words for this trip. Make sure whatever shoes you bring are just that!


xoxo, Brooke